The Administrative Division is responsible for all Support Services with the Police Department. The goal of this department is to provide professional assistance to both the citizens of the community as well as employees of the agency. We feel that the citizens of our community are our greatest assets and we are dedicated to providing them with nothing less than first class services.
Every section within the Administrative Division works directly with our citizens whether they are senior citizens or the youth of our community.
This division encompasses most uniform and investigative processes. The focus of the Operations Division is to deliver the most knowledgeable, professional, personable and comprehensive police service available. Members of the Operations Division are truly dedicated to the concerns of citizens and are eager to work in a cooperative effort to rid the City of Warner Robins of the criminal element and uphold a higher quality of life.
Whether reporting an incident or involvement in an accident, you can be assured that our officers have been thoroughly trained and well equipped with the latest technology that will allow the citizen to receive the highest quality service. The Criminal, Narcotic, Forensic, and Traffic investigators are all specifically trained in their field, equipped, and eager to investigate cases to the smallest detail. The investigators will deliver to the Court System a thoroughly investigated and prosecutable case.
The Operations Division is driven to provide the highest quality service with the highest quality personnel. 
With motivated personnel, along with respected and qualified leadership and supervision, the Operations 
Division will continue to evolve with the community in a cooperative crime fighting partnership.

Working together we can make a difference and make our city a better place to work and to live.