Signs of a Leak Outside

Important Safety Message

It's best to be safe: if you smell a strong gas odor right now,

  • Don't touch or turn off your computer
  • Leave the area

After you go someplace away from the odor, call the City of Warner Robins Gas Department at 478-293-1045. If you don't know that number, dial emergency services, 911.

Detecting a Leak Outdoors

The National Transportation Department's Safety Board findings show that underground pipelines provide the highest level of public safety compared to other transportation modes. Leaks from a natural gas pipeline are very rare, however, it is important to know how to recognize the signs of a gas leak and what to do if there were one to occur in your area.

You may have a leak if you smell an odor that has the distinct scent of sulfur or rotten eggs.

You may have a leak if you see

  • Vegetation which appears to be dead or dying for no apparent reason over or near the pipeline
  • Water bubbling at a creek, pond, river or wet area
  • Dirt appearing to be blown or thrown into the air over or near the pipeline
  • Fire or explosion near or involving the pipeline
  • Any natural disaster which has caused a buried pipeline to be exposed (i.e. flood, earthquake, tornado, etc.)

You may have a gas leak outdoors if you hear a hissing, whistling, or roaring sound over or near the pipeline.

If You Suspect an Outdoor Leak

  • Leave the area immediately and warn others to stay away.
  • Call the City of Warner Robins Gas Department at 478-293-1045 or call 911.
  • Do not turn on or operate anything that may ignite a gas leak; for example: cell phones, lighters, flashlights, radios, vehicle ignition, etc.
  • Do not go near the area
  • Do not attempt to shut off any valves or extinguish any fires