Odor of Natural Gas

Important Safety Message

It's best to be safe: if you smell a strong gas odor right now,

  • Don't touch or turn off your computer
  • Leave the area

After you go someplace away from the odor, call the City of Warner Robins Gas Department at 478-293-1045. If you don't know that number, dial emergency services, 911.


In its natural form, natural gas is odorless and colorless, and cannot be detected by either sight or smell. That is why the City of Warner Robins adds a very strong odorant called mercaptan to the gas. mercaptan is harmless and non-toxic and contains sulfur that makes the gas smell like rotten eggs.

The City tests for the presence of mercaptan across our entire gas system every month to assure that there is enough odorant in the system for you to detect even very small leaks.

Scratch & Sniff

If you are unsure what natural gas should smell like, please visit the Customer Service Desk at City Hall to pick up a free "scratch and sniff" card.