Hiring Process

Warner Robins Fire Department Hiring Department

  • Fitness and Physical Agility Test - Our goal is to retain individuals that have a lifestyle of health and wellness. The fitness portion of this test will consist of a timed mile and a half run, pushups, and sit-ups. The time for the run and the amount of sit-ups and pushups are based on age and gender. The physical agility test will consist of; a weighted stair climb, a hoisting exercise, a forcible entry simulation, a rescue drag, a hose drag, and equipment carry simulation.
  • Entrance Lab - This test is designed to measure an individual's mechanical aptitude, manipulative ability, ability to follow directions, interpersonal relation, and written and oral communication skills.
  • Background Investigation -This investigation includes; all police records, all previous employment, past places of residence, personal habits, military records, educational background, credit report, and other areas deemed pertinent.
  • Interview - The interview process will be a semi-structured question format. This process will be administered by the Fire Chief and a board of his selected staff. These questions will be designed to determine the individual's character and his or her desire to become a career firefighter.
  • Physical Exam - A complete physical exam, including drug and alcohol screening will be perform at the City's expense. The information obtained will be used to determine the applicant's ability to perform job related task, and serve as a benchmark for future annual medical evaluations.

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