Stormwater Management Program

Stormwater Management

Management of stormwater runoff has become an increasingly important responsibility for local governments like Warner Robins. Recently enacted federal stormwater regulations, combined with aging infrastructure, has resulted in local governments like Warner Robins developing and implementing more comprehensive stormwater management programs to address drainage system maintenance issues; high priority capital projects; development regulation and oversight; and to achieve compliance with new stormwater regulations.

In general, all developed properties in a community contribute stormwater runoff to the public drainage system, and in some cases to recurring drainage problems. Stormwater runoff is rainfall that drains off houses, rooftops, driveways, sidewalks, parking lots, roads and other features that prohibit infiltration of rainfall. This stormwater runoff then flows into the City drainage system, as well as our natural streams and channels, in greater volumes and at increase rates. In addition, the stormwater runoff washes pollutants and other environmental hazards into the drainage system and our local streams.

Responsibilities & Implementation

The Warner Robins Stormwater Management Program (SWMP) is responsible for the management and regulation of stormwater management and drainage issues within the SWMP via a stormwater user fee charge as well as other secondary funding sources such as plan review fees. The following activities have been identified for implementation by the City SWMP and SW Utility.

Achieve Compliance with Applicable State and Federal Regulations

  • National Pollutant discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Phase II Stormwater Permit.
  • NPDES Wastewater Discharge Permit-Watershed Management Activities

Implementation of Capital Drainage Improvement Projects

  • Capital Drainage Project Construction
  • Drainage System Retrofitting
  • Drainage Basin Master planning & Floodplain Mapping Updates

Drainage System Operations & Maintenance (O & M)

  • Improve City Responsiveness/Capabilities
  • Compile a Detailed Inventory of the City Drainage System
  • Enhance System Inspections
  • Routine & Scheduled Drainage System Cleaning/Repair
  • Capital Replacement of Aging Drainage System Components

Expanded Development Regulation

  • Ordinance Implementation & Enforcement
  • Development Plan Reviews & Enhanced Site Inspections

Further Explanation

The City SWMP must undertake various activities including the cleaning of pipes and other stormwater conveyance systems; replacement of aging culverts and drainage structures; and construction of new culvert systems to increase/improve conveyance capacity. In addition, the City will need to continue implementation of an ongoing regulatory compliance strategy to address new and expanding requirements.

The City will also be implementing an O&M program that is focused on being more proactive through routine and scheduled drainage system maintenance. In order to successfully implement the City's future SWMP, a SW Utility and user fee charge has been identified as the primary funding source. The SW Utility and user fee charge encompass all residences, businesses, institutions and government facilities since all developed properties generate stormwater runoff.

For additional information, you can browse SWMP FAQs, Additionally, you can email Krag Woodyard or John Coley with any questions.